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I'm Jonathan Fors! I work with a collective of top talented Webflow experts and designers to exceed your business goals. Retainer or one-off – your choice.

Jonathan Fors
verified expert
verified expert
verified expert

businesses like yours love me... obviously.

"Collaborating with Jonathan has consistently been a great experience. While we initially brought him on board for his Webflow expertise, his broader skills in providing a holistic 360-degree approach, encompassing content creation, SEO, and copywriting, have proven to be incredibly valuable for our projects and sub-brands.

Our partnership began during my time at SKYGROUND, and I fully intend to maintain this collaboration with Jonathan in my upcoming endeavors."

Hannah Frojd
Chief Marketing Officer @ SKYGROUND

"Jonathan is a skilled Webflow developer and designer. He has been working as a freelancer to support me and my marketing team, and always delivers great results.

Jonathan's communication skills are top-notch. He always effectively communicates deadlines, updates, and questions. He's prompt in responding to emails and messages, and often sends helpful Loom videos.

I highly recommend Jonathan Fors to anyone looking for a skilled and reliable webflow developer and designer. He has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing to work with him!"

Lee Moscowitz
Lee Moskowitz
Director of Growth Marketing @ SetSail.co

"Finding a great developer can be tough, but finding one so friendly, honest, hardworking, and kind — nearly impossible.

My only concern with writing this review recommending that you work with Jonathan (and you should) is that he won't have as much time to work with me."

Joshua Sauder
Joshua Sauder

"Our prospects and customers have given us very positive feedback on our website, and we’re pleased with how it turned out.

Jonathan was receptive to our input, responsive, and fast. He took the time to explain each idea’s pros and cons to ensure the result was high-quality. "

Ed Orozco
Ed orozco
Jonathan Fors

whatever. WHenever.

Flexibility, easy of use, and transparency are my core objectives. That’s why I offer solutions for almost any kind of business and situation.

agency white-label

Agency overflowing with new projects? Congratulations! Let me help you deliver quality products to your clients and build a long-lasting relationship in the process.

Design & development

No idea where to start? No problem. I will guide you from business idea, to concept, to final product. Design, development, copywriting, and limited branding.


Got a developer in-house and just need the design done? Perfect, because we’ve got designers ready to get it done, and of course they’re always familiar with development fundamentals to make sure the design is actually possible to implement.

Unlimited – Anything, anytime.

Starting at just 450€ /month

I value long-term partnerships over everything. And whether you just need a little helping hand here and there, or are starting from complete scratch – a subscription with fixed rates and unlimited requests is most likely the way to go. Simple communication through Slack, same-day turnarounds, and ability to cancel anytime.

Design only

Average price 2,000€

Sometimes you've got the skills inhouse to develop a working product but lacking the design chops... and that's why I'm here to assist.

Development only

Average price 3,000€

...or something it's the other way around – you've got the design chops but lacking the technical bit. Not to worry, I'm here for that as well.

functionality first...

...motion sickness-inducing animations second. When you decide to work with me, you choose to prioritize business objectives and user experience – because while I could create an Awwward winning website, that’s most likely not what your business actually needs.

Simply put; quality over flashy features.

processes are... sometimes needed,

Step #1

First contact & fit feel

Building your business on the web should be fun, that’s why we take the extra time to evaluate our fit as partners. The best relationships starts with a wide smile and a good laugh.

Step #2

Scoping & contract

The difference between a good final result and a mind-blowing one often comes down to the foundation. I know you’re excited to get started, but let’s set the groundwork and expectations first.

Step #3

Design & exploration

This is where we can go crazy bananas – exploring your options and trying unique solutions are our favourite. This is the phase where we can explore anything from colors and typography, to layout and functionality.

Step #4


With a design in place it’s time to get to work with making it into reality. At this point most changes should be kept to a minimum to ensure a quality final product.

Step #5


A website isn’t just a website – it’s your public-facing home. That’s why I always make sure you have plenty of time to approve and evaluate the final product before wrapping it up and launching it.

Step #6

Handover & Launch

At the point of handover I either transfer all projects and assets to your Webflow account – or I keep it for maintenance going forward. Either way, it’s up to you.

Questions? Cool, I've got answers.

What does “Unlimited” mean?

We all know there’s no such thing as unlimited anything... except for this. You’re able to submit as many design, development, or technical requests as you like, and I will handle them one-by-one with no limits.

Why subscriptions...?

Simple – Because I value long-term partnerships. Often times one-and-done projects can feel very transactional and leave you feeling lost. I aim to create a long-lasting relationship that you can rely on whenever you need it. Simplicity, and reliability.

Can we cancel anytime?

Of course! There’s zero obligation to continue your partnership with us. Simply send us a message in Slack 14 days before the renewal date, and we’ll get it sorted.

Can I get a refund if I don’t use a full month?

No. Due to the high-quality nature of our work I can unfortunately not offer any refunds or discounts if you don’t use a full month.

Can we create a website from scratch with one of the subscriptions?

Yes! With the “Unlimited” package I can take care of everything from design and development to copywriting and branding. Often times this may even be cheaper – because we value long-term partnerships.

With who and how do I communicate?

With me on Slack of course! You might be surprised to know that this is a studio-of-one, run solely by me (Jonathan Fors). No more Trello boards or unnecessarily complicated form submissions – shoot me a message on Slack and I’ll be there for you.

Let's work together.

You're excited about your business – and so am I. Let's get to work!